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​Your impact venture partner.

How we support you

01 Advisory

From a sustainability perspective, maximise your sell-side and buy-side potential at any stage, from M&A preparation to ensuring seamless integration and post-acquisition synergies. Our help ranges from product fit to team and culture alignment and business strategy optimisation.

02 Management

Our forte is navigating challenges and uncertainties associated with leadership transitions, mergers, acquisitions, and other complex organisational changes firmly yet gently. We can step in as interim CEOs, COOs, chairmen, or board members during such moments.

03 Investing

Our investment philosophy centres on supporting founders and teams we believe in, leveraging our knowledge, expertise, and network to enhance value, improve product and service offerings, prepare for growth, and create impact. We may or may not take board seats.

04 Founding

Originating from our willingness to take risks, we transform our own ideas into companies and curate top-tier teams for effective scaling.



At Post50 Ventures, meticulous analysis guides our partnership decisions, and our partnerships go beyond mere financial contributions. We are collaborators, offering not just capital but advice, mentorship, and a global network that we once sought as founders. 

We like starting, scaling, securing funding, planning an exit, and making a long-term impact. We work with courageous founders, investors, and leaders laser-focused on building products or services that solve sustainability and sustainable finance challenges. 

Our global environmental and social challenges need quick action with a long-term mindset and strong governance to build a sustainable and prosperous future!

Connections fuel prosperity! Do you have a killer idea or know an ambitious founder, a founding team, or a business that needs help? We've got a structure to create value for us and you. Introduce us, and if we seal an investment deal or launch a company from your idea, here's how it works.

1. Get paid

Upfront invested capital: USD 0-2m

You get paid: USD 7.5k

Upfront invested capital USD 2m+

You get paid: USD 15k


2. Travel and chat


We’ll fly you out for a few days and pay for accommodation. We’ll set up some networking activities, and you’ll meet some of our associates, portfolio companies, and co-investors. It will likely be to Oslo, but it could be Bogotá, London, or Singapore.


At the helm of Post50 Ventures is Bjarni Herrera. He is passionate about tackling significant challenges and has a continuous improvement and learning mindset. He was in a senior role when Arion Bank was restructured after the 2008 financial crash (Nasdaq:Arion), Co-founding a venture acquired by KPMG and operating another acquired by S&P Global (NYSE:SPGI).

Our rich global experience spans banking, finance, and professional services in different functional areas such as operations, building teams, strategy, M&A, and more. Our team and network comprises entrepreneurs, experienced operators, executives, and seasoned investors.

CEO & Founder

Bjarni Herrera


You? Get in touch.

Oslo, Norway

London, UK


Reykjavík, Iceland

Bogotá, Colombia

+47 4114 0099

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